Industries Served

Government & Military

DIF is perfect for mission critical, Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI). The flexible platform supports the creation of Level 0-4 interactivity.


DIF creates SCORM-compliant courseware that integrates with your existing LMS. But its ability to accept Unity 3D games allows you to create more immersive experiences than can be created with traditional course authoring software. And DIF’s enterprise-wide, collaborative framework facilitates reviews and handoffs.

Need to train your employees on cybersecurity threats? DIF’s ability to incorporate games and simulated environments enables you to replicate real-world scenarios before you face a real-world crisis.


With soaring tuition costs and the need for more and more adults to refresh and retrain, asynchronous learning, blended learning and distance learning are becoming increasingly important. DIF’s ability to incorporate virtually any type of content makes it a viable choice for a wide range of subjects; even those that may not initially be a natural choice for online instruction.


Whether training hospital staff or public health officials, DIF offers the ability to provide scenario-based training and simulated environments for experiential learning that leaves a lasting impression. DIF’s interactive branching and robust platform is the perfect solution for case-based decision-making exercises and role plays with index patients.


Cybercrime is becoming more prevalent in our new digital world. This can critically affect your organization, expose client information, and have high monetary costs. The weakest link is often between the computer and the chair, which is why educating and training your workforce is essential to protecting your network and company assets. DIF’s global repository allows for instant content updates as well as the reuse of assets and existing course ware.