For what sort of organizations is DIF appropriate?

DIF is perfect for large organizations with multiple user types. DIF is a great solution for educational institutions, corporate training departments, public health, and Government entities. In fact, the U.S. Army, one of the largest training institutions in the world, has adopted DIF for its Schoolhouse because of DIF’s ability to quickly develop mission-critical Distributed Learning (DL) content.

What kind of users does DIF accommodate?

As an enterprise-wide, web-based solution, DIF is built with collaboration in mind. Subject matter experts (SMEs), instructional designers, graphic artists, multimedia producers, content managers, and trainers can work through the Cloud to develop, review, package, and distribute interactive courseware.

What types of assets does DIF accept?

DIF accepts virtually any content assets. In fact, we encourage course designers to utilize the best-in-class, standards-based tools they already know to create and edit content assets. Whether you’re using Final Cut Pro, AVID, Unity 3D, NGRAIN®, Photoshop, Illustrator, Captivate, Camtasia, or PowerPoint, simply output your media and save it to the DIF Asset Library for easy access when authoring a course.

We already use an authoring tool for course creation. Why should I consider DIF?

DIF provides a flexible framework for the creation of courses with virtually any type of content. The framework is also created with real-world organizations in mind, allowing users access based on their roles and providing robust, web-based collaborative tools for commenting and signing out content for modification.

While you might already use another authoring tool, like Storyline or Captivate, with your existing LMS, you’ll find that adding DIF to the mix allows you to create more immersive courseware.

What types of training are appropriate for DIF?

DIF’s robust framework allows it to accept virtually any content format, making it incredibly versatile for learners of all types and in almost any eLearning situation. DIF’s ability to incorporate 3D models and Unity 3D games also make it ideal for multi-user simulation-based training and settings in which students need to interact with one another in a virtual environment.

Our course content requires regular updating. How does DIF facilitate the updating and maintenance of courseware?

DIF’s rapid development and browser-based delivery allows you to drag-and-drop updated content assets to ensure course content is always current. This is especially helpful for mission critical training where targets are always moving, as in the case of cybersecurity training.

On what can I distribute courseware created in DIF?

Once your course is completed, DIF will help you package it up for web-based distribution through any browser.

Is courseware accessible from iPads?

Content can be published to multiple platforms, including desktop and mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows devices.

Our organization needs some very specific features. Can you create a custom version of DIF for us?

Given its compatibility with virtually every asset type, we think you’ll find DIF to be a really robust solution; however, if you need specific features not currently contained within the software, our developers can provide a custom, branded solution for your organization.

Can we maintain the system on our own servers?

Yes. We offer hosting or you may host your own system. DIF is a completely browser-based solution for both course creators and learners.