Robust eLearning Course Development Software

Take your online training to a new level with the immersive capabilities provided by DIF’s flexible, web-based framework.

DIF is comprised of several key modules:

  • Administrative Interface

    Administrative Interface

    The Administrative Interface provides a variety of functions, depending upon a user’s role. Secure login credentials control each user type’s ability to access and change content assets.

  • Template Designer

    Template Designer

    DIF comes with ready-to-use templates and allows authorized users to create and store their own designs to enforce the usage of a style guide and maintain organizational standards. All templates are stored in the Template Library, which is accessible by anyone in your group.


  • Course Designer

    Course Designer

    The Course Designer allows trainers and instructional designers to outline the structure of a course, based on learning objectives.

  • Page Designer

    Page Designer

    WYSIWYG drag-and-drop controls allow content developers to quickly add text, graphics, and multimedia elements from the Asset Library in a programming-free environment. The built-in previewer lets course developers view each page in the same format as the end user, enabling rapid quality assurance.


  • Library


    All previously developed courseware, templates, and content assets are available in the Library. Assets accepted by DIF include all popular web-based formats, including audio and video files, HTML5 widgets, Flash® elements, Unity 3D games, and NGRAIN® 3D models.

  • Asset Manager

    Asset Manager

    Control access to and modification of assets through the Asset Manager. Assets can be searched by name or metatags for enhanced discoverability. Each asset can be made available to specific user groups or shared across groups and may be checked out of the system to be updated and then checked back in.

Additional Features

  • Knowledge checks
  • Branching
  • SCORM-compliant
  • Section 508-compliant
  • Reviewer commenting during course creation
  • Multi-learner feature allows students to interact in a simulated environment to jointly solve facilitator-led challenges