Benefits of DIF

eLearning Course Development Software Designed for Today’s Learners

DIF provides an efficient and effective eLearning workflow solution that facilitates the rapid production of training courseware.

Serves students anywhere, anytime

These days, more and more learning is taking place outside of the traditional, instructor-led classroom. By definition, all eLearning courses provide self-paced instruction, available 24/7. But such courses are often nothing more than passive lectures or static PowerPoint slides.

With DIF’s ability to accept so many asset types, you can create engaging, immersive, and relevant training courses for ‘digital natives’ who have high expectations of all things digital. At the same time, DIF’s intuitive interface is appropriate for training those learners who are less tech savvy.

Encourages and facilitates collaboration

The development of online training courses is a multidisciplinary task requiring contributions from such diverse participants as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), instructional designers, media producers, graphic artists, trainers, and reviewers.

DIF is a web-based, enterprise-wide courseware development solution that supports multiple user roles to manage the creation and modification of assets and expedite approvals.

Easy to use

DIF’s intuitive, drag-and-drop functionality and WYSIWYG previews allow non-programmers to build sophisticated courses without complicated menus.

The built-in previewer allows instructional designers and course authors to check pages as they are built, enabling rapid quality assurance.


DIF is compatible with a wide range of popular multimedia asset types, including video, audio, images, Flash®, HTML5 widgets, NGRAIN® 3D models, and Unity 3D simulations and games. Simply import any of these web-supported assets to the DIF Asset Library and then drag and drop them into your course.


Once your course is complete, DIF can package it for distribution on a variety of platforms, including desktops, laptops, and tablets running Windows, iOS, and Android.

DIF creates SCORM-conformant, Section 508-compliant learning modules that can easily be integrated into any SCORM-compliant Learning Management System (LMS).


DIF’s drag-and-drop functionality and your ever-growing Asset Library facilitate rapid prototyping and course development.

Up-to-date training

A key to effective training is maintaining up-to-date instructional content; particularly where critical information changes on an on-going basis, such as with cybersecurity, software or the training needs throughout a product’s life cycle.

As a browser-based, enterprise-wide system, DIF allows SMEs and course developers to update relevant information from any computer, anytime, anywhere, to quickly deploy the latest intelligence.

Shareable global repository

Create assets with tools you know, like Final Cut Pro, AVID, Photoshop, Captivate, Storyline, Camtasia, PowerPoint, etc. Then create courses by blending new and existing assets within an easy-to-use interface. DIF provides a central repository to house searchable libraries containing your templates, media assets, modules, and courses for easy access, re-use, and modification.

Central asset management

Users log in to the DIF server and database through a secure website. Based on a user’s role, a searchable repository of courseware and multimedia assets is available to either review or modify.

DIF ensures courseware is secured while providing role-based access privileges to facilitate timely content updates and version control. DIF allows approved users to check out pages or courses for editing, while ensuring that content cannot be inadvertently overwritten or lost. All changes are tracked for validation and verification.